Seminar on the debt relief in Africa

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Conference on Debt Relief in Africa

Brussels – 26 September 2012


Debt relief is eligible as Official Development Assistance. Does that make it an effective tool for development?

The Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, and the Belgian Office of the Special Evaluator for International Cooperation (OSE) recently published two joint evaluations on debt relief granted to Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. OSE also conducted an evaluation on the Belgian Debt relief Policy with Cameroon as a case study.

The findings of these evaluations have been presented and discussed in a conference that was held on 26 September 2012 at the Egmont Palace in Brussels.


Illustrate, through the specificities of the evaluated debt relief operations, how and under which conditions debt relief might:

  • lead to a sustainable debt in the country concerned
  • reinforce its creditworthiness
  • increase its lending capacity
  • contribute to the fight against poverty,

and assess whether this form of assistance is an effective tool for development.


The conference gathered:

  • Representatives from international financial institutions (World Bank and International Monetary Fund)
  • Representatives from the governments of countries directly concerned by the evaluations
  • National and international public authorities
  • Universities & non-profit organisations


The program was threefold:

  1. First session: the current debt situation in the world and the general mechanisms of debt relief.
  2. Second session: the methodological approach used in the evaluation processes.
  3. Next sessions: the most important findings from the evaluations.

Representatives from the evaluated countries shared their experience with the debt relief process and the challenges they are still facing.

For more information, see the  agenda (PDF, 122.33 KB).





Office of the Special Evaluator for International Cooperation (OSE)
Policy & Operations Evaluation Department (IOB)