Cover publicatie Claiming back civic space

Study 'Claiming back civic space'

In a wide diversity of countries across the globe the space available for civil society, activists and citizens has been under attack over the past decade. Several organisations (e.a. UN, OECD, Civicus, …) confirm a recent acceleration of the trend of ‘closing’ or ‘shrinking’ civic space.

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How we work together to eliminate poverty

How we work together to eliminate poverty?

You have doubtless already come across the concept of development cooperation. You might have already made a donation to a good cause. But do you know what it all means? What development cooperation means for Belgium is that we are striving to bring about a world without poverty, working for peace and security, and trying to ensure equal opportunities for every individual. Whether we are signing contracts with developing countries, sending emergency aid after a disaster or backing organisations on the ground, Belgian development cooperation wants to give people chances to improve their living conditions.

Our country is a serious donor, making Belgium one of the most generous countries in Europe. In this accessible brochure, you will discover how Belgium is working to eliminate poverty worldwide.

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Cover Flyer Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Flyer "Belgian development Cooperation in the domain of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights"

Flyer about the Belgian policy in the domain of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (2012).

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Bamtaré in 2015

2015 in Bamtaré or the true story of the millenium development goals in a little town somewhere in Africa

What might the small African town of Bamtaré look like in 2015, the deadline for the achievement of the millennium development goals set by the United Nations? (2006)

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Food aid

Food aid - Food security

Brochure about “Food aid and food security” (2008)

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