Strategic notes & policy papers

Agriculture and food security

Belgian Fund for Food Security

Comprehensive Approach

In recent years, Belgium has already taken steps to implement the 3D (Diplomacy, Development, Defence) approach, which was later developed into 3DLO (Law and Order/Rule of Law). The aim was to achieve a coherent and effective foreign policy, that is able to respond to the complex and ever-changing challenges at the international level.

The Comprehensive Approach goes a step further and fits similar developments at the international level, particularly in the European context. Central to the strategy note is the importance of permanent dialogue, evaluation and adjustment of Belgium’s attitude towards specific countries, regions and topics. The objective is for all departments concerned to set the overarching priorities together and to adjust mutual efforts. The new strategy note determines a framework within which this must happen, as well as a methodology, through a steering group and various task forces.

The Comprehensive Approach is not a goal in itself, but a working method to strengthen Belgium’s foreign policy.

Digital for Development’ (D4D) 

This note lays out the strategic policy on ‘Digital for Development’ (D4D) for the Belgian development cooperation. It describes the vision and the strategic priorities of the policy, how they can be implemented, which partnerships should be established or strengthened, and how the policy will be strategically managed. It is embedded in the comprehensive approach of the Belgian development policy and should be realized through collaboration between the different local, Belgian and international development actors.


    Fight against HIV/AIDS

    Fragile contexts

    This strategic policy note about fragile contexts explains this concept and provides the actors of the Belgian development cooperation with instruments to adopt a suitable and specific approach, which is referred to as a “fragility approach”.

    Middle-income countries

    Millennium Development Goals

    Rights of the Child

    Security sector

    This note describes the framework for interventions of Belgian development cooperation in the security sector, including the justice sector. Since the 1990s, Belgian development cooperation has gained extensive expertise in the security and justice sector, and intends to build on this.

    ​Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights