Public procurement


The DGD, as well as its partners (Enabel, ANGS, BIO) under certain conditions, acting as contracting authorities, are subject to the Public Procurement Act (Act of 17 June 2016, MD of 14 July 2017).

Please consult the federal portal site "public procurement" for all information on the subject (manuals, examples of standard documents, contact points etc. regarding the various aspects of public procurement, ranging from legislation to the processing by electronic means):

The DGD and the partners it finances publish their public contracts on this site.

Besides, the site contains applications for the electronic processing of public contracts:  

  • e-Notification enables contracting authorities to publish public contracts online. Companies can consult these contracts electronically. Registration is free of charge for companies.
  • Via e-Tendering the contracting authorities can access the offers/applications for participation and electronically generate the written record of the opening of the offers and  put it online. Companies can submit and sign their offers/applications for participation electronically.

For more information on public procurement at Enabel, please consult: