European Consensus on Development


The 2005 European Consensus on Development is a policy declaration illustrating the EU's desire to eradicate poverty and create a fairer, more stable world. The text defines values, objectives, principles and joint commitments to be implemented by the European Commission and by the Member States in their development policies, in particular:

  • poverty reduction - a commitment focused principally on the Millennium Development Goals. Achieving this objective will open the way to confronting other challenges, such as sustainable development, HIV/AIDS, security, conflict prevention and forced migration, in order to develop fair globalisation;
  • development based on the democratic values of Europe - respect for human rights, democracy, the fundamental freedoms of the rule of law, good governance, gender equality, solidarity, social justice and effective multilateral action (particularly through the United Nations);
  • developing countries bear the primary responsibility for their development - a principle whose implementation is based on national strategies drawn up in collaboration with non-governmental bodies and drawing on national resources. EU aid will be in line with these strategies and national procedures.


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