Belgian Fund for Food Security


Farmer in Niger

The successor to the Belgian Survival Fund came into being in 2010: the Belgian Fund for Food Security (BFFS). Even more than its predecessor, the BFFS is to ensure that all dimensions of food security are included as much as possible in its programmes: 

  • Availability: Sufficient food production for all families: Better varieties, manuring and disease control enhance production. Micro-credits help the farmers along the way.
  • Access: Sufficient income to purchase food: Food must moreover be physically and socially accessible. Markets are often poorly stocked or there are not sufficient access roads in isolated areas. In some traditions, the man of the house eats first, and the remaining food is then distributed among the wife and the children.
  • Stability: Availability of and access to food year round: Food is often more scarce and more expensive during the dry season. Better storage and processing and the growth of alternative crops are a possible solution.
  • Consumption: A balanced diet which, in addition to calories, provides also sufficient essential nutrients such as vitamins. Drinking contaminated water leads to undernourishment as do untreated diseases. This is particularly harmful for children under 5.


A single organisation often does not have the necessary expertise in house to tackle all dimensions. The BFFS consequently encourages cooperation and looks for synergies with the actions of national actors and other development partners. Municipalities for instance are well placed to coordinate the establishment of health centres, health insurance schemes, schools, and wells. Local institutions acquire ownership and gain expertise also through the civil society (NGOs, trade organisations, etc.), which is beneficial to the sustainability of the programmes.

Most vulnerable segments of society and gender

The BFFS pays particular attention to the most vulnerable segments of society. In the past, users were at times asked to make a financial contribution, e.g. in a health centre or a school, in order to secure the sustainability of the service. The most destitute fell by the wayside as a result. The BFFS will moreover continue to make efforts to improve the standard of living of women.

 Strategy Paper for the Belgian Fund for Food Security (PDF, 230.91 KB)

The Belgian Fund for Food Security in a nutshell

  • Purpose: Food security in all its facets (availability, access, stability, consumption)
  • Field of activity: Sub-Saharan Africa (preferably in areas with high food insecurity)
  • Target group: the most vulnerable segments of the population
  • Duration: 2010-2022
  • Budget: € 250 million
  • Funding: The National Lottery and the Belgian development cooperation
  • Run by: Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC), Belgian NGOs and multilateral organisations such as the FAO and the IFAD
  • Initiator: The Belgian Parliament
  • Predecessors: Survival Fund for the Third World (1983-1998); Belgian Survival Fund (1999-2009)
  • Laws:   Law creating the BFFS (2010) (PDF, 445.42 KB) -  Law executing the BFFS (2011) (PDF, 757.95 KB)