Organizational chart


As part of the modernisation of the federal government, the Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD) was integrated into the Federal Public Service (FPS) Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in 2002. The FPS was explicitly given the task of organising and implementing development cooperation in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework.

The Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD) looks after the various aspects of Belgian Development Cooperation. DGD falls under the authority of the Minister of Development Cooperation.

DGD consists of four directorates and the Office of the Special Envoy for Asylum and Migration:

The geographical directorate DGeo is a brand new directorate resulting from the merger of the directorates in charge of governmental and non-governmental cooperation. It is structured on a geographical basis so that each country manager, in cooperation with the missions, can have an overview and a constructive dialogue with the different actors on the ground who are partners in Belgian cooperation and who are present in a given country. The aim is to develop a strategic approach to cooperation in each country so that each player in the field can make the most of his added value and advise the Minister, the FPS, the missions and the partners in this respect.

  • DGeo.0 - Support service
  • DGeo.1 - Global citizenship
  • DGeo.2 - North Africa, Sahel and Arab world
  • DGeo.3 - West Africa
  • DGeo.4 - Central Africa
  • DGeo.5 - South and East Africa
  • DGeo.6 - Latin America and Asia

Thematic Direction D2 is responsible for the strategic definition, use and monitoring of the Belgian thematic development instruments to achieve development results.

  • D2.1 - UN Development System
  • D2.2 - Development Banks
  • D2.3 - European partnerships
  • D2.4 - Private Sector
  • D2.5 - Society building and social development

The organisational directorate D4 is responsible for supporting the DGD's strategic mission with a view to improving organisational management, capacity development and transparency of Belgian development cooperation. D4 monitors the implementation of the DGD budget in close cooperation with the B&B department and DGD departments. It represents DGD in the FPS Internal Control Network, coordinates and centralises the annual reporting to ACFO (Audit Committee of the Federal Government) on the initiatives taken by DGD to improve the internal control system.

  • D4.0 - Financial Cell
  • D4.1 - General Management
  • D4.2 - Data Management and Transparency
  • D4.3 - Organisation Control and Communication
  • D4.4 - Control of Grants

The Humanitarian Aid and Transition Directorate D5 is responsible for humanitarian action and transition development. It aims to bring together know-how and tools for transition situations in a coherent way.

  • D5.1 - Humanitarian aid
  • D5.2 - Transition to development and good governance

In addition to these five directorates there is a Strategic Committee, which is responsible for promoting the internal coherence of Belgian development policy, for developing policy proposals for the minister responsible for development cooperation and for dialogue with the various partners of Belgian Development Cooperation.