Belgian scientific institutions


DGD finances programmes to strengthen the scientific and technical capacities of scientific institutions in developing countries. These programmes are initiated by three world-renowned Belgian scientific institutions:

The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM)

Financing for the Institute of Tropical Medicine’s triennial cooperation programmes is based on a cooperation agreement signed on 7 March 2008.

ITM website

The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA)

The cooperation protocol covering financing for actions in the field of cooperation initiated by the Royal Museum for Central Africa was signed on 18 June 2007.

Among other things, the RMCA’s programmes aim to:

  • help increase knowledge about Africa
  • develop the scientific knowledge of partner institutions in Central Africa
  • every two years, organise the awarding of the Belgian Development Cooperation Prize

RMCA website   
Belgian Development Cooperation Prize

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

The general cooperation agreement with the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences was signed on 10 April 2003, and its objectives are to:

  • improve knowledge about biodiversity
  • work towards better implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity in developing countries
  • capacity building in the area of taxonomy
  • develop and use the archives and collections of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences originating from developing countries
  • carry out awareness-raising campaigns in partner countries
  • provide scientific support to DGD for biodiversity issues

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences website    
Belgian National Focal Point to the Clearing-House Mechanism for biodiversity website