Social and cultural assistance to students from developing countries


Financial assistance to scholarship holders is provided as follows:

1. Direct social assistance:

This assistance is made up mainly of benefits granted to the partners and children of scholarship holders (settlement allowance, monthly stipend for clothing and holidays, etc.).

2. Indirect socio-cultural assistance which has two aspects:

a) Granting subsidies for the operating costs of 12 approved homes and 5 approved clubs in Belgium.

The homes are set up to welcome, supervise and accommodate students and interns for the duration of their training in Belgium. The clubs are in charge of organising socio-cultural activities for students and interns and cultural exchanges with Belgian society.

b) Social assistance to other scholarship holders.

This subsidy is for students experiencing financial difficulties. It is for students from developing countries who have been granted a scholarship for their studies in Belgium (other than the scholarship granted by the DGD and whose payment has been stopped. The amount of the financial assistance granted must enable them to complete their studies (a subsidy can only be obtained during the last or penultimate year of study).