Communication and visibility


Communication and visibility are significant aspects of the Development Cooperation’s projects. Indeed, this communication aspect can be essential to the success of certain projects. (e.g., in the communication with beneficiaries or stakeholders). For an overall perspective, communicating results, realizations and/or impacts must be considered as a primordial element to take into account at the departure of an actor.

To this end, DGD has developed on various levels since 2009:

  • A generic designation: during communications with third parties, the use of the name “Belgian Development Cooperation” is recommended.
  • A proper visual identity: DGD considers that every time Belgian and foreign public targets are put in direct or indirect contact with a result/products of its investors, the identity and the support of the Belgian state should be communicated and displayed in a prominent and univocal way. This approach concerns mainly projects and programmes for which Belgium is the main lessor: projects/programmes of BTC and BIO agencies, non-governmental actors, etc.
  • A utilization charter for the logo: it symbolizes the Belgian state identity. In this regard, it must be visible in a maximum amount of communications. However, in certain cases instead of a logo, it is more appropriate to refer to the Belgian development cooperation in the text.

For more information, consult the "visibility kit".

Other communication tools (brochures, videos, …) are also available in the multimedia library