The grant is an aid instrument for which Finexpo must meet the 35% minimum grant component requirement in accordance with OECD rules. This component of 35% of the amount of the contract is paid during the implementation period of the project in the form of a grant. The 65% balance has to be provided in the form of commercial financing or be paid in cash.

Reason for the grant

  • Companies wishing to reduce their administrative costs as much as possible. 
  • One of Finexpo’s objectives is to support SMEs wishing to engage in major export activities.

Qualifying criteria for the grant

  • Commercial non-viability of the project  (no positive cash flow from investment before 10 years have elapsed) 
  • Relevance for development 
  • Priority for the country receiving the aid 
  • Concurrent with aid 
  • Sufficient Belgian interest

However, while for the other aid instruments the burden on Finexpo is spread over a large number of budget years, in the case of a grant payment is made very short term and immediately affects the budget of the year to which the grant is charged. This is why recourse to the grant is limited to small projects for which long repayment periods are not justified. While grants are not exclusively reserved for SMEs, they are earmarked for small contracts of up to 8,571,529 million EUR, so that a grant can amount to a maximum of 8,571,529 million EUR x 0.35% = 3 million EUR .



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