Interest rate stabilisation

Interest rate stabilisation


  • you are an SME or a large company
  • you export equipment, investment goods and associated services to any country
  • your client does not want to pay cash but wants to benefit from deferred payment, i.e. credit, and the duration of this credit is at least two years; 
  • this credit is in euros, US dollars or Japanese yen;
  • maximum contract amount 100 million euros.
  • the project needs to be covered by Credendo.

You can propose to your client to benefit from a fixed rate throughout the credit period by making use of interest rate stabilisation. This will guarantee that he will pay the same rate throughout the period during which he reimburses the credit.  For you this can be an advantage over your competitors who do not offer the same payment conditions.

Commercial interest reference rate 

The fixed rate guaranteed to the buyer under an interest rate stabilisation procedure is the commercial interest reference rate or CIRR. The CIRRs for the different currencies are determined each month by the secretariat of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on the basis of specific economic parameters and are notified to the Member States.

In a stabilisation procedure, Finexpo intervenes based on the difference between the guaranteed stabilised rate (the CIRR) and the interest rate at which the bank obtains refinancing on the short-term market (Euribor or Libor), increased by a bank commission (currently 0.75%).



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