Support for renewable energy projects by Belgian SMEs



  • you are a Belgian SME
  • renewable energy project
  • consisting of capital goods and related services
  • export to a particular developing country
  • with sufficient Belgian added value
  • with a maximum contract amount of 876,000 euros
  • to a public client

Finexpo can support you in this by granting a grant between 80.01% and 100% of the contract value with a maximum of 700,000 euros and 500,000 euros depending on the Belgian content.

Belgian SME:

To determine whether or not an enterprise is a small or medium-sized enterprise, the European definition is used:

  • the number of employees
  • the turnover figure or the balance sheet total
  • independence: no more than 25% of an undertaking may be owned by an undertaking that does not meet the SME definition.

To fall into a certain size category, each of the three elements must be met.

Renewable energy project:

These are projects that stimulate the use of renewable, ecological energy and are in line with the European sustainability criteria as the non-exhaustive list below

  • Renewable electricity by wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, ocean energy, geothermal energy
  • Renewable heating and cooling by means of, for example, solar, thermal or heat pump
  • Sustainable transport
  • Or horizontal themes such as grid integration and storage capabilities
  • Technologies that fit within the Federal Relance plan in this context

and which thus offer an alternative to fossil fuels and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions are eligible. These projects should diversify energy supplies and reduce dependence on oil and gas.

Capital goods and related services:

Finexpo's objective is to support the export of Belgian capital goods and related services. This means that other goods and services are outside the scope.

The products and related services, which are being developed, must be fully functional. It is therefore about finished products or services and not products that are in a testing phase.

The products and related services may be commercially viable.

The product and related service must therefore be fully functional, but developments to adapt to the local context can be financed.

The training provided to the client's staff to start working with this product after delivery may be invoiced.

First export of the product:

The export project for which Finexpo's intervention is requested must relate to a DAC country to which the product has not yet been exported. However, the company may have already exported this product to another DAC. A company may be supported twice by this instrument. However, the second support should not be for the same exporting country as for the first aid. The second support request can only be submitted after the end of the first project (after payment of the last invoice).

To a particular developing country:

Finexpo's regulatory framework allows the WTO, the World Bank and the OECD to provide aid only in the form of tied and unbound aid to developing countries and this support should be relevant to the development of these countries.

Sufficient Belgian added value:

Only projects of Belgian SMEs with a sufficient Belgian interest (at least 30%) can use this instrument. The percentage of Belgian interest determines the level of aid.

The calculation of this importance can be found in the Finexpo vademecum. It also states that the project should fit within the company's long-term strategic export vision.

Maximum contract amount:

For projects where the Belgian interest is at least 50%, contracts up to 700,000 euros are 100% financed. The contract value can possibly be increased to 874,000 euros, but the amount above 700,000 euros must then be financed by the client, except for MOL countries where the maximum contract amount is 700,000 euros.

For projects where the Belgian interest is at least 30%, contracts up to 500,000 euros are 100% financed. The contract value can possibly be increased to 624,000 euros, but the amount above 500,000 euros must then be financed by the client except for MOL countries where the maximum contract amount is 500,000 euros.

The maximum contract amounts should be respected as the OECD arrangement provides for a gift element of at least 80% for SMEs and even 100% for LDCs.

To a public client:

The client must be a public entity.

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