Procedure Renewable energy instrument


For the projects for which this aid is requested, the Belgian companies concerned shall draw up a dossier on the basis of a questionnaire. This questionnaire makes it possible to assess projects on their economic and development relevance.

The Finexpo Committee shall examine the dossier and give an advice to the Minister or State Secretary responsible for Foreign Trade. It shall submit the dossier to the Council of Ministers, which shall decide whether or not to grant the aid.

The commercial contract may not have been signed for the examination of the application for this instrument by the Council of Ministers.


The positive decision of the Council of Ministers is converted into a promise being a document that is sent to the exporter and which guarantees the State intervention for a period of one year that can be extended.

Ministerial Decree

If the transaction is concluded within this period , a Ministerial Decree shall be granted to the exporter in order to officialise the granting of this aid.


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