International transport

In collaboration with the relevant Directorates-General of the FPS Mobility and Transport, B3.4 deals with the area of international transport and traffic. 

Air transport

Belgium has concluded close to 100 air transport agreements which are regularly updated and modified through ‘air consultations’ held at the request of Belgium or its foreign partners.

Areas covered: 

  • preparation and follow-up of negotiations (signature, parliamentary approval procedure); 
  • contact point for airline companies (providing information on the political situation in certain countries, sanctions, embargoes, etc.); 
  • membership in the permanent representation of Belgium to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); 
  • participation in general as well as ad hoc meetings of the National Safety and Security Committee (Comité de Sécurité National), which brings together various agencies and departments involved in the safety and security of civil aviation; 
  • monitoring overflight and landing procedures for civil aircraft.

Maritime transport

The Belgo-Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU) has concluded some 40 maritime agreements.

Areas covered: 

  • preparation of negotiations and follow-up of agreements (signature, parliamentary approval procedure); 
  • participation in the joint committees set up under the agreements; 
  • contact point to solve specific problems (embargoes, sanctions, conflicts); 
  • follow-up of multilateral agreements concluded in the framework of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO); 
  • participation in the meetings of the Federal Committee on the Security of Port Facilities (Comité fédéral pour la sûreté des installations portuaires).

Road transport

Areas covered:

  • participation in the negotiations on some 30 bilateral agreements on road transport and follow-up activities (signature, parliamentary approval procedure); 
  • participation in the joint committees set up under these agreements.

Rail transport

Areas covered:

  • member of the Intergovernmental Committee set up under the Cross-Channel Agreement; 
  • follow-up (parliamentary approval procedure) of the multilateral conventions adopted by the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail  (OTIF).

Driving licences - road-vehicle registration certificates

Areas covered: 

  • participation in the negotiations for agreements on mutual recognition of driving licences; 
  • transmission to the relevant municipal authorities of some 4,000 driving licences per year, held by Belgian nationals living abroad who have exchanged their driving licence. Similarly, the road-vehicle registration certificates of cars registered abroad are transmitted to the Road-vehicle Registration Directorate (DIV); 
  • substantial volume of correspondence on all kinds of problems concerning driving licences and  road-vehicle registration certificates.

Diplomatic clearance procedures 

  • implementation of procedures concerning overflight clearance and landing permits for Belgian military aircraft abroad and overflight clearance and landing permits for foreign military aircraft in Belgium; 
  • implementation of diplomatic clearance procedures for Belgian and foreign naval vessel.

The following documents are available hereunder: