Trade and public health


Service B3 is also responsible for:

  • coordinating efforts made both in Belgium (by the FPS Foreign Affairs, the FPS Public Health, the Belgian Food Agency (AFSCA-FAVV), professional federations and regional institutions, etc.) and abroad (steps taken by our diplomatic missions in an economic diplomacy context) to resolve veterinary and phytosanitary problems that have arisen abroad (mainly outside the EU);
  • ensuring that answers are given to foreign health authorities and that any barriers and/or embargos affecting our companies in the health and plant safety domains in general are removed, working closely together with the regional offices responsible for promoting foreign trade. Such close collaboration was particularly essential in connection with the bird flu (H5N1 avian influenza) crisis, the outbreaks of classical swine fever (CSF), mad cow disease (BSE) and ovine catarrhal fever (blue tongue disease);
  • dealing with public health problems that also prompt questions from foreign authorities about food  and its copper content, antioxidants or contaminants.