Interministerial Committee for Host Nation Policy

A Host Nation Policy (HNP) is a national strategy defined and implemented towards international governmental organisations which have HQ’s or a representation (mission, liaison office…) in Belgium, in order to to have them feel welcome and valued.

FAQ about the Interministerial Committee for Host Nation Policy

On this page you will find the frequently asked questions about the Interministerial Committee for Host Nation Policy.
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Which Organisations (IO) are eligible to a seat agreement with the Kingdom of Belgium?

IO’s are eligible to a seat agreement with the Kingdom of Belgium if they comply with following conditions:

  • they must be inter-governmental and established by a Treaty
  • they must be entitled internationally recognized legal personality
  • they must be entitled  normative powers towards member countries
  • they must have structures and bodies which are distinct from those of the member countries

How to start the negotiating procedure for a seat agreement?

The head of the IO sends a request by letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In his reply, the Minister will designate the Interministerial Committee for Host Nation Policy as official Belgian partner-organization for the negotiations.

What is the nature of the granted privileges and immunities?

The privileges and immunities granted by the Kingdom of Belgium have to be needed for the IO to function well. Given that they are by nature exceptions to the rules, privileges and immunities are always interpreted restrictively. Notwithstanding the granting of privileges and immunities to the Organization and its personnel, there is a general obligation for them to respect the laws and regulations of Belgium as the host nation.

Which obligations does an IO have upon arrival of a personnel member?

The Protocol Directorate of the Belgian MFA: needs to receive following information as soon as possible:

  • family name and surname
  • date and place of birth
  • gender
  • nationality
  • address of main residence
  • marital status
  • composition of the family
  • chosen social security system

Every change in this information as well as date of departure of a personnel member have to be communicated to the Protocol directorate within two weeks.

Each year before 1 March, the IO has the obligation to provide forms with the paid amount of salaries, emoluments, compensations, retirement benefits or interests to their staff members. A copy of these forms has to be communicated to the competent Belgian fiscal authorities.


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