Belgian support for Ukraine

Belgium resolutely supports Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Support for Ukraine is one of the priorities for the Belgian EU presidency, which will run through the first half of 2024.

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Facade FPS Foreign Affairs with Belgian and Ukrainian flags

Belgium resolutely supports Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Support for Ukraine is one of the priorities for the Belgian EU presidency, which will run through the first half of 2024.

A new Ukraine Fund, which now stands at €1.7 billion, will serve to purchase military equipment, humanitarian aid and reconstruction of Ukraine's hardest-hit regions. €1.5 billion euros of this is planned for 2024 and €255 million for 2025.

The initial distribution of these funds is now known. €150 million will flow to the Belgian development agency Enabel, which will thus help with reconstruction over the next four years, focusing on the Chernihiv region. This will be done with a focus on energy efficiency and green energy.

The Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries, BIO Invest, will invest €10 million in Ukraine, supporting the resilience of the local economy. For humanitarian aid, €15 million is planned in addition to €10 million for a contribution to the World Bank's SPURR facility (Special Programme for Ukraine's Recovery and Crisis Response).

As a member of the F16 coalition for Ukraine, Belgium will train pilots and technicians and maintain aircraft.

Other aid already provided to Ukraine can be summarised as follows (the figures below do not include spending from the Ukraine Fund):

HUMANITARIAN AID: €111.19 million

With humanitarian aid, Belgium is helping to ensure that Ukrainian citizens, even in these extremely difficult circumstances, have access to basic services such as food, clean drinking water, medical care and education. Aid is provided directly, but also through multilateral agencies. The following interventions are among those that have already taken place:

  • Shipping emergency goods through B-FAST since day one;
  • International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): including for medical assistance, family reunification and raising awareness around the risks of unexploded explosives (€8 million);
  • Aid through UN agencies (UNICEF, OCHA, UNHCR, IOM, WFP, UNFPA, etc.) (€63 million).

Belgium is also paying close attention to the impact of the Russian aggression on the South. Part of the humanitarian aid aims to address the global impact of the war on food security, among other things. In this regard, Belgium contributed €10 million to the Ukrainian 'Grain from Ukraine' initiative. This provides for the supply of Ukrainian grain to countries vulnerable to food insecurity. Another €10 million was pledged for 2024.


Belgium is supporting Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction. This will contribute to Ukraine's resilience and war effort, as well as preparing for Ukraine's future integration into the EU. It also addresses the human and psychosocial aspects of recovery and reconstruction. Belgium is doing so through the following actions, among others:

  • International Organisation for Migration: restoration of hospitals (€10 million);
  • Supply of solar panels;
  • Restoration of schools, hospitals for mental rehabilitation of veterans;
  • Actions for preserving cultural heritage;
  • Support for the International Labour Organisation (€1.5 million);
  • European Investment Bank (€6 million) and the World Bank (€2 million).

The Belgian export credit agency Credendo is resuming coverage for export transactions with Ukraine on behalf of the Belgian state. A sum of €100 million is to be provided for this purpose.


Belgium attaches great importance to the battle against impunity and is making every effort to ensure that war crimes do not go unpunished. This includes a particular focus on the position of women and children. This is taking place in part through these efforts:

  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe: monitoring (€0.8 million);
  • International Criminal Court (€1 million);
  • Combating sexual violence and supporting women's rights through various UN agencies and funds and the Global Survivors Fund (€3.5 million);
  • UN Children's Fund (UNICEF): defence of the rights of children in armed conflict (€500,000).

MILITARY SUPPORT: €351.01 million

From the start of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Belgian Defence has done everything possible to support the Ukrainian forces.

  • Lethal support: weapons and ammunition;
  • Non-lethal support: generators, mobile laboratories, fuel, helmets, binoculars, lorry parts, training, etc.

Support was also provided for demining. A 19th military aid package for Ukraine amounting to €21 million was approved on 15 December 2023.

Minister Dedonder announced on 22 January 2024, in a conversation with her Ukrainian counterpart, that Belgium will be providing €611 million in military aid to Ukraine from the Ukraine Fund.

Furthermore, Belgium has strengthened its diplomatic network in the region (€2.76 million).

Total support in 2022 and 2023: €500.4 million

Planned support for 2024 and 2025: €1.7 billion