eConsul, the new e-portal for Belgians abroad

Thanks to eConsul, you can handle part of the consular service provision digitally. No more need for long journeys.

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Did you know that Belgians who have a valid and activated identity card and have moved abroad can now register online at their embassy or consulate-general? The registration can be done from home. It is no longer necessary to attend the premises or to send in the forms.

This online registration takes place via eConsul, the new e-portal for Belgians abroad. eConsul has already been in use at the embassies in The Hague, Paris, Berlin and the consulates-general in Marseille and Montreal since last July.

We are pleased to announce that the new e-portal has been operational worldwide since the beginning of this year! This means that Belgians who have moved abroad can now apply online to all Belgian consulates and embassies. They can also monitor their administrative records via eConsul. Our compatriots can also register to vote in the same way.

But this electronic service goes even further. All Belgian embassies and consulates have been legalising foreign documents destined for Belgium electronically for several months now. The applicant will receive the documents with an electronic legalisation at their home e-mail address.

As you can see, Foreign Affairs is fully committed to online consular service provision for Belgians abroad. Other equally ambitious projects are in the pipeline. We have already taken a new step towards smoother and greener procedures.

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