A user-friendly website with a new look

As of 21 June 2022, we have a brand-new website that puts the user first.

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You may have already noticed, but our website has a totally new look. And it needed one, too. The previous site was launched back in 2010 and no longer met today's needs.

Naturally, the new site is responsive. Whether you visit our website on a computer, tablet or smartphone, it will be equally readable. There is also a strong focus on accessibility, both technical and content related.

The brand-new website is cast in the colours of the current corporate identity. And most importantly, it has been given a different structure that is far more user-friendly for the visitor. The information on all our services is more concise and to the point. The text is also grouped more logically, making the information more accessible. In addition, the site has a far more precise search engine.

On the homepage, you will find our FPS' 10 most used services instantly. These include the popular travel advice, as well as the consular services for Belgians abroad, all manner of tips for travel, travel documents and certificates.

And, of course, you will also find all kinds of background information on current topics, in the form of both articles and podcasts (the latter only available in French and Dutch).

One piece of advice: go to the website and find out what we have to offer.