Peacebuilding grants

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Financing campaign 2022

There is no deadline to submit proposals, but we advise to submit them during the first semester to allow a decision before the end of the year. Furthermore, we admit a maximum of two proposals per requestor. An organisation receiving ongoing funding will have to wait until its final closure before submitting a new request.

General Policy

Belgium’s peace building funding is meant to support the country’s foreign policy which itself seeks to be in line with a number of internationally agreed frameworks. These include the “Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union”, the “Sustainable Development Goals for 2030” and the report on “Peacebuilding and sustaining peace” by the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Through this type of funding, Belgium wishes to contribute to the construction of lasting peace situations notably by addressing causes of instability, contributing to the prevention, mediation and resolution of disputes, resolving the consequences of conflicts and even supporting efforts intended to prevent potential relapses into crises.

Belgium 2022 peace building priorities

In 2022, preference will go to projects that address the following thematic and geographical priorities. These can be cumulative:

Thematic priorities

The following themes are considered priorities:

  • conflict prevention through the promotion of timely actions, particularly those that focus on mediation and the role of women in peace and security.
  • the protection of civilians, especially children, who must be central to any effort in terms of peace building and sustaining peace.
  • promotion of Human Rights, with particular regard to women and children, respect for democratic principles and support for the establishment of the principles of the Rule of Law.
  • the elimination of anti-personnel landmines and of illegal flows of light weapons and small arms, along with, more generally, campaigns against the disproportionate use of weapons contrary to humanitarian law and campaigns in favour of disarmament.
  • combating impunity, especially in cases of mass atrocities, with particular attention to the plight of the victims.
  • support for efforts aiming to mitigate the effects of climate change on the safety of people, particularly the most vulnerable populations.

Geographical priorities

The following regions are considered as priorities:

  • projects in regions where the Belgian Government has established a “Comprehensive Approach” in accordance with its decision of 20 July 2017. Currently, these geographical targets include the G5 Sahel countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad), Iraq and Syria.
  • the Great Lakes region, comprising the 12 member States of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region.
  • projects to be implemented in the regions adjacent to those above and presenting a particular interest for them could also eventually be taken into account.
  • we could exceptionally take into consideration projects carried out in other regions of the world if they relate to the thematic priorities and are submitted with a strong argumentation.

In practical terms, in 2022, the project proposals must fall within these thematic and geographical priorities to be taken into consideration.

We invite you to read and apply the guidelines (see separate document) and its appendices (which include the compulsory template for submitting a project proposal, the templates for intermediate and final reports and the template of a financial claim). These guidelines also contain more conceptual and procedural information.

Functioning as a “one-stop-shop”, S&C-CP is the only competent department for receiving and processing project proposals.

All project proposals are sent to S&C-CP at the email address, regardless of their source (our diplomatic posts, the regular administration or the Strategic Unit of the Foreign Affairs Minister). Similarly, S&C-CP will be the contact point during the whole procedure.

For 2022, proposals have to follow the arrangements hereafter:

  • Proposals budgets are comprised in a range of 250,000 euros to 500,000 euros with an ideal target value of approximately 350,000 euros. Any proposals not respecting these values will be rejected.
  • The projects implementation duration may vary from a few months to a maximum of 36 months.
  • Funding requests may be introduced at any time. To allow a decision before the end of the year, submit ideally your request during the first semester to ensure the examination and advisory process can be accomplished in accordance with the rules set out in the guidelines.