Sustainable development goals
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International cooperation is needed more than ever: UN, EU, World Bank, NGOs, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),...


Niger, a country in dire need of our solidarity (16 July 2021)
After 50 years of development co-operation in Niger, our country has achieved some results it can be proud of. But the security situation is compelling the Belgian Development Cooperation to join forces with diplomacy and defence teams.

A network of diplomats and officials abroad (2 July 2021)
Did you know that the Egmont Institute in Brussels organises training courses for foreign diplomats and officials? As such, it contributes to better governance abroad. At the same time, it creates an important network of contacts, which FPS Foreign Affairs makes grateful use of.

EU: biodiversity and climate, natural allies (24 June 2021)
Thanks to the European network Natura 2000, 24% of EU territory is now protected, while human activity, such as agriculture and forestry, may continue subject to certain conditions. Extremely important, believes Gwenn Dodeur, in charge of Natura 2000 at the Walloon Natagriwal.

Brussels as an international capital city – an asset to our country (26 May 2021)
Too few people realise the major role that Brussels plays on the world stage. Nonetheless, its character as an international capital city is of great importance for our prosperity. Here are a few figures.

The European Union – how does it benefit us? (27 April 2021)
On 9 May 2021, the EU will officially launch a ‘Conference on the Future of Europe’. The aim of the conference: to listen to the voices of citizens in order to build a more resilient Europe. This therefore forms an ideal opportunity to list exactly what the EU means for us as citizens.

Why we need the Benelux (25 January 2021)
Belgium will chair the Benelux Union in 2021. What does the Benelux Union do for our country? And what is its added value compared to the European Union?

Corps diplomatique: a fascinating insight into Belgian diplomacy (17 July 2020)
From 20 to 25 July 2020 Canvas will once again broadcast Corps Diplomatique, with one additional broadcast about Mali. Journalist Bart Aerts follows Belgian top diplomats in key positions all over the world.