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Here you will find themes related to production and trade: agriculture, private sector, inclusive and sustainable growth, fair trade, innovation…

Improved social security in Senegal and Burkina Faso (26 November 2021)
The Minister of Development Cooperation and Major Cities Policy, Meryame Kitir, visited the 'national health insurance fund for craftspeople' in Dakar (Senegal) in October 2021. This mutual fund was recently launched as part of an ILO programme that aims to improve social security in Senegal and Burkina Faso with Belgian support.

Belgium turns its gaze seaward (24 November 2021)
Belgium wants to raise its profile as a maritime nation; after all, the blue economy will be essential for the green future we need so badly.

Expo 2020 Dubai: Marvels of technology and sustainability in the desert (23 November 2021)
With a striking, elegant pavilion, our country is making quite an impression at the World Expo in Dubai. Numerous Belgian companies can make interesting contacts here, and the FPS Foreign Affairs is also making its contribution to the success of the Belgium's participation.

Belgium strives for a world free of child labour (22 October 2021)
With the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, the international community is highlighting a pressing issue. Belgium too is making efforts to address the problem. 

Trading nation of Belgium cannot get by without economic diplomacy (7 Juni 2021)
In Belgium, the regions are mainly responsible for trade. Yet the FPS Foreign Affairs also has several crucial tasks, summarised as the 4 “I’s” of economic diplomacy: informing, introducing, intervening and image. What does that involve?

How migration can contribute to development and equality (9 April 2021)
Migration is a timeless issue. The Belgian development agency (Enabel) is working to make migration a catalyst for development that benefits everyone.

Belgium & Spain: a century of cordial relations (9 April 2021)
In 1921, the diplomatic missions of Spain and Belgium in Brussels and Madrid, respectively, were elevated to embassies. For all this time, both countries have maintained a warm relationship, which they intend to continue into the future.

Transparent supply chains? It pays off! (28 October 2020)
Rikolto (formerly Vredeseilanden) draws upon lessons from 15 years of working on sustainable, transparent supply chains with Colruyt Group. In the hope that it will inspire other companies and NGOs to take up the challenge as well.

Fair trade, more important than you think (1 October 2020)
During the Fair Trade Week (7 to 17 October), fair trade will once again be in the spotlight. After all, fair trade is a crucial instrument for a fair and sustainable world that ultimately benefits everyone.

Marketing coaching paramount to fairtrade cocoa (8 September 2020)
The Trade for Development Centre (TDC) successfully coaches African cocoa farmers to improve their market access. As a result, sales figures have almost doubled.  

The world is committed to eradicating child labour (6 August 2020)
All 187 member countries of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) have ratified the ILO Convention on the Worst Forms of Child Labour.

25.3 million euros investments for Africa and Asia (14 July 2020)
Thanks to the SDG Frontier Fund, Belgian private investors can confidently invest in Africa and Asia. Their input is more than necessary if we want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Can Belgian chocolate become completely sustainable? (9 July 2020)
Beyond Chocolate aims to put an end to the extreme poverty, child labour and deforestation that lies behind our chocolate. Today, 50% of Belgian chocolate is already certified.

Minerals with full transparency? (10 March 2020)
Many materials are located in fragile countries and benefit the population too little. This is why the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has been trying to make the money flows in the mining sector more transparent, as well as more valuable for the population, since 2003. Belgium is supporting the initiative.

Doing business in Africa: more fascinating than ever! (25 February 2020)
What is it like doing business in Africa? Bruno Geltmeyer, Managing Director of Denys NV, a specialist in major infrastructure works, talks about his experiences and gives a few tips to boot.

Healthy plants concern all of us! (29 January 2020)
In 2020, the international community puts the spotlight on plant health, as healthy plants form the basis of our food, our oxygen, a thriving nature and a large part of our economy.

How to shop ethically (19 March 2019)
We all love to score a bargain once in a while. However, knowing that this makes us complicit in unfair working conditions and air pollution quickly spoils our enjoyment. Yet more sustainable and ethical fashion is possible. We offer you some tips on how to complete your wardrobe without having to feel guilty.

10 tips for ethical and eco-friendly clothing (19 March 2019)
The fashion industry is known as one of the most polluting industries. Moreover, the labour conditions for textile workers leave much to be desired. Yet, there exists another kind of fashion and you can support it. We show you how to do so in 10 simple tips.