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Peace and security are a priority of the Belgian foreign policy: peace building and international mediation, UN Security Council, humanitarian aid, good governance…

A strategic compass for a secure Europe (10 May 2022)
On 21 March 2022, the EU Member States approved a Strategic Compass that outlines plans for a more ambitious Europe in the areas of defence and security. Belgium is satisfied with the outcome.

Humanitarian aid for Ukraine (25 March 2022)
Belgium, through various agencies, is donating more than €9 million in humanitarian aid to the hard-hit Ukraine.

A strategy to make Belgium more resilient (4 February 2022)
Belgium now has a comprehensive ‘National Security Strategy’ for the first time. That should make our country more resilient against the numerous threats posed by a more unstable world.

Belgium fully committed to efforts in the Sahel region (26 October 2021)
INTERVIEW - Belgium wants to become more involved in the Sahel, a region that is facing countless challenges. Bart De Groof, the recently appointed Special Envoy for the Sahel Region, must steer everything in the right direction. We put a few questions to him.

Belgium steps into the breach to achieve a mine-free world (16 September 2021)
Belgium is making great efforts to eradicate the horror of anti-personnel mines. Nevertheless, a mine-free world is not something that can be achieved overnight. The good thing is that innovations such as the use of drones and trained rats can speed up the process.

Strong commitment to peaceful uses of nuclear expertise (22 July 2021)
With a plenary session in the Egmont Palace (Brussels) in June 2021, Belgium successfully concluded its Presidency of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. Because even in challenging coronavirus times, the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons deserves our undiminished attention.

A record year for humanitarian aid (15 July 2021)
Every day, humanitarian aid workers are on hand to help millions of people around the world. Belgium, for its part, is doing a great deal to support humanitarian aid. To mark World Humanitarian Day on 19 August, we take a look at what exactly we do and why. 

NATO: an alliance that is crucial for our security (26 May 2021)
On 14 June 2021, the heads of state of the NATO countries will meet in person in Brussels. US President Biden will also be in attendance. What is NATO's role on today's world stage? We spoke with Pascal Heyman, Belgian Permanent Representative to NATO.

Proper arms control in Chad and Mauritania (27 April 2021)
Proper storage of small arms is essential in order to boost security in Chad and Mauritania. Belgium is supporting two initiatives of the Mines Advisory Group.

Belgium is a strong advocate for a lasting solution to the conflict in Syria (30 March 2021)
The EU's 5th Syria Conference (29-30 March 2021) aims to raise funds and encourage a political solution to a now 10-year-long horrific conflict. Belgium is an active participant, donating at least 18 million euros in humanitarian aid.

Belgium on the UN Security Council: how a small country can punch above its weight (11 March 2021)
Belgium has just finished its 6th membership of the UN Security Council and it is already preparing for a 7th mandate in 2037-2038. Indeed, in the United Nations' 75 years of existence, our country has built up a solid reputation as a reliable 'bridge-builder', and that has benefits for our security and prosperity.

African Peace Facility: African solutions to African problems (19 November 2020)
Between 2004 and 2019, the European Union (EU) invested 2.7 billion euros in promoting peace in Africa via its African Peace Facility (APF). And those efforts are paying off.

Belgium is committed to security to support development (28 August 2020)
Development is not possible without security. This is why the Belgian Development Co-operation is also engaging with the security sector. It now has a solid basis for carrying out this sometimes delicate exercise.

Climate and security, a clear priority for Belgium (23 June 2020)
Climate disruption plays an undeniable role in various conflict situations. As such, Belgium wants the United Nations to systematically take into account the potential impact of a changing climate in its security actions.

457 000 euros for vulnerable households in Haiti (4 March 2020)
Belgium has released 457 000 euros to the FAO to help vulnerable populations in Haiti affected by a severe drought.

Belgium supports the fight against locusts in East Africa (28 February 2020)
Belgium is donating 462,000 euros to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to combat quickly a locust plague in Ethiopia. The CERF is also taking action against locusts.

Belgium continues to pay attention to the Syrian crisis (26 February 2020)
For many years, Belgium has been committed to the safety of Syrian citizens and the end of the Syrian conflict. As a non-permanent member of the Security Council, our country’s voice can carry additional weight with the international community.

When are diamonds truly conflict-free? (14 February 2020)
Thanks to the Kimberley Process, most of the rough diamonds traded worldwide are reportedly conflict-free today. But there is still room for improvement. Belgium - diamond country par excellence - insists that an enlargement of the definition of conflict diamonds is necessary to keep the organization fit for purpose.

Children and armed conflict: a priority for Belgium (13 February 2020)
During its two-year membership (2019-2020) of the UN Security Council, Belgium attaches great importance to ‘children and armed conflict’. The theme also occupies a central position during the Belgian presidency of the Security Council (February 2020).

Behind the scenes at the Security Council (17 December 2019)
Belgium is halfway through its two-year term as a member of the UN Security Council. What exactly does our country do there?

Rats save lives (22 November 2019)
APOPO uses rats for detecting landmines and tuberculosis. A success story with Belgian roots.

10 facts about migration you did not know yet (27 August 2019)
Although migration is high on the agenda nowadays, a great deal of uncertainty remains. Find out more about this important topic below!

Drones to ensure safer demining (1 June 2019)
Through Handicap International, Belgium has invested 1.48 million euros in Chad to deploy drones for mine clearance operations and to train local staff.

How does the international community deal with conflicts? (12 June 2017)
In February 2017, Belgium organised a high-level congress on mediation. Belgian expert Jonas Claes was one of the speakers. He talked about the methods that are used to avoid conflicts, and build lasting peace.