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Here you will find topics related to education, health, nutrition, gender, human rights, social protection, etc.

Belgian children translate UN recommendations into accessible language (19 May 2022)
Belgian children have translated the UN's recommendations on children's rights in Belgium into understandable language. Unique in the world! Moreover, 5 of them presented their project to the experts of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva.

Belgium managing UN drugs policy (29 March 2022)
The UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs is dedicated to the problems of drugs. In December 2021, Belgium took over the one-year chairmanship of the 65th commission, a first. One of the focus points concerns better access to pain medication.

Improved drinking water and sanitation in Mali (28 January 2022)
The need for drinking water and sanitation around the world remains high. In Mali, the Belgian Development Cooperation is making considerable efforts to improve drinking water and sanitation. Local expertise is helping it to do this.

The forgotten terror of Eastern Congo (24 January 2022)
L'Empire du Silence (Empire of Silence) is currently being screened in cinemas. This film by Belgian director Thierry Michel shows unflinchingly the horror and complexity of the lingering conflict in Eastern Congo. The Belgian Development Cooperation co-financed it.

Research project into the segregation of metis starts new phase (21 January 2022)
Our FPS recently concluded a cooperation agreement with the State Archives regarding a comprehensive historical study of the role of authorities in the treatment of metis during the colonial period in the Belgian Congo and in Ruanda-Urundi. An important step towards more awareness of a painful and lesser known part of our colonial history.

EUROPALIA: how art connects people and communities (16 December 2021)
The EUROPALIA biennial is to host dozens more artistic and socio-cultural events until May 2022. The theme this time is trains and tracks. But did you know that the FPS Foreign Affairs has been a loyal partner of the event for many years?

Belgian street art in Mumbai (14 December 2021)​
Our Consulate General in Mumbai (India) is introducing Indians to some impressive Belgian street art.

The Institute of Tropical Medicine strengthens cooperation with the DR Congo (7 December 2021)
On 20 October 2021, the Belgian Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) signed a headquarters agreement with the Congolese government allowing the establishment of an official ITM department in DR Congo. The sum of 5.6 million euros has also been allocated to the ITM to continue its work with the DR Congo in the fight against sleeping sickness.

Expert in space dust wins the Christoffel Plantin Prize (7 December 2021)
This year, the Christoffel Plantin Prize went to Dr Veerle Sterken, who is doing pioneering research in Switzerland into dust particles in space. The prize honours a Belgian who is little known to us, but who is clearly contributing to the image of Belgium abroad.

Belgium working to eliminate violence against women (26 November 2021)
25 November is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Combatting violence against women is an absolute priority in Belgium's foreign policy.

International Year puts fruit and vegetables in the spotlight (17 November 2021)
Fruit and vegetables should be on the menu more, says the UN in this International Year. In Tanzania, Rikolto is supporting an entrepreneur who brings high-quality fruit and vegetables from small farmers to Dar es Salaam.

Sustainable cities for a sustainable world (26 July 2021)
By 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities. That is why the Belgian development agency (Enabel) is working in its partner countries towards inclusive and sustainable cities that are harmoniously integrated into the surrounding countryside.

Team Belgium at work for SDG 4 (22 June 2021)
Team Belgium - the Belgian embassy and the Belgian organisations VVOB and Enabel - was at the helm of the Education Development Partners group, an education platform in Uganda, for a year, in Covid-19 times.  Skills, teacher training and digitalisation were top priorities.

Equal rights for LGBTIQ people, an ongoing battle (17 May 2021)
In Belgium, it is a top priority to combat all forms of discrimination, including anti-LGBTI discrimination.

Lifting people out of extreme poverty? It is possible! (7 May 2021)
To lift the most vulnerable people out of their misery, it takes more than just providing them with resources and broadening their knowledge. Good self-esteem and belonging to solidary communities are crucial as well. Auto-Développement Afrique successfully applies this holistic approach in Rwanda and Burundi.

Gender equality is central to Belgian foreign policy (16 March 2021)
Gender equality and women's rights are an absolute priority in Belgian domestic and foreign policy.

Inequality puts enormous pressure on man and the planet (26 January 2021)
The COVID-19 pandemic has come to highlight the disrupted relationship between humans and the planet. This is why we need to work with nature, not against it, as a matter of urgency, according to the 30th Human Development Report (HDR). The inordinate inequality must also be addressed. The HDR also proposes a new development index that factors in the pressure on the planet. The Belgian Development Co-operation welcomes the report.

Congo: knowledge of history gives confidence and insight (21 January 2021)
With the support of the Belgian Development Cooperation, the Bokundoli project promotes a better knowledge of Congolese history in the DR Congo. After all, knowledge of the past leads to tolerance and a critical mind, helping us to better understand the present challenges.

Violence against women must be eliminated (2 December 2020)
Combatting violence against women is an absolute priority in Belgium's domestic and foreign policy.

Undiminished focus on children's rights (27 November 2020)
Children's rights are a spearhead of Belgium's domestic and foreign policy.

Documentary ‘Besmet’ (Infected) on Canvas: more than 100 years of research for global health (24 November 2020)
The Institute of Tropical Medicine is conducting groundbreaking research to optimise international healthcare. Take a look behind the scenes in a four-part documentary called ‘Besmet’ on Canvas from 30 November 2020 and on VRT NU. More topical than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic.

World Food Day 2020: Together for a world without hunger (13 October 2020)
Today, 690 million people are starving, 60 million more than in 2014. The COVID-19 pandemic makes the situation even more grim. On World Food Day 2020, the FAO is therefore calling for international solidarity to eradicate hunger. Belgium is joining in.

Victims of sexual assault deserve better (4 August 2020)
The consequences of sexual assault are severe. This was why the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel) in the Congo introduced a holistic approach to taking care of victims. This involves medical and psychological monitoring as well as legal aid and re-integration into society.

EU: fair, healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable food for everyone (7 July 2020)
With its “Farm to Fork” strategy, the European Commission has outlined a comprehensive plan for a resilient food system that respects the planet's limits.

Children and colonisation: 'We're lucky to be born now' (13 December 2019)
"Sporen van de kolonisatie" (Traces of Colonisation),  a workshop organised by Studio Globo, opens children’s eyes to Belgium’s colonisation of Congo, but also to racism in today’s society. In an Antwerp classroom marked by diversity, took part in one of the workshops.

She Decides: she decides and that's how it should be! (7 August 2017)
The She Decides initiative brings together countries and organisations who are working hard so that aid organisations in developing countries can carry on their work in the area of family planning and women's rights. The initiative aims to mobilise funds via a crowdfunding platform. How and why did this fledgling movement see the light of day?

Tropical diseases for beginners (1 December 2014)
Tropical diseases cover all diseases that occur exclusively or primarily in the (sub)tropics. In practice, the term usually refers to infectious diseases that thrive in a warm and humid climate. Developing countries are particularly susceptible to them. presents the 15 most common tropical diseases below.

How to cope with the growing global population (1 February 2012)
Today, there are more than 7 billion people on earth. Every day, the world’s population increases by 227,000 people, and the end of this growth is not in sight. What can we do to limit population growth and keep the earth livable?