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Here you will find topics related to education, health, nutrition, gender, human rights, social protection, etc.

Violence against women must be eliminated (2 December 2020)
Combatting violence against women is an absolute priority in Belgium's domestic and foreign policy.

Undiminished focus on children's rights (27 November 2020)
Children's rights are a spearhead of Belgium's domestic and foreign policy.

Documentary ‘Besmet’ (Infected) on Canvas: more than 100 years of research for global health (24 November 2020)
The Institute of Tropical Medicine is conducting groundbreaking research to optimise international healthcare. Take a look behind the scenes in a four-part documentary called ‘Besmet’ on Canvas from 30 November 2020 and on VRT NU. More topical than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic.

World Food Day 2020: Together for a world without hunger (13 October 2020)
Today, 690 million people are starving, 60 million more than in 2014. The COVID-19 pandemic makes the situation even more grim. On World Food Day 2020, the FAO is therefore calling for international solidarity to eradicate hunger. Belgium is joining in.

Lifting people out of extreme poverty? It is possible! (5 August 2020)
To lift the most vulnerable people out of their misery, it takes more than just providing them with resources and broadening their knowledge. Healthy self-esteem and solidary communities are crucial as well. Auto-Développement Afrique successfully applies this holistic approach in Rwanda and Burundi.

Victims of sexual assault deserve better (4 August 2020)
The consequences of sexual assault are severe. This was why the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel) in the Congo introduced a holistic approach to taking care of victims. This involves medical and psychological monitoring as well as legal aid and re-integration into society.

EU: fair, healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable food for everyone (7 July 2020)
With its “Farm to Fork” strategy, the European Commission has outlined a comprehensive plan for a resilient food system that respects the planet's limits.