Climate, biodiversity, desertification, forests, oceans... : topical themes that are a priority of the Belgian foreign policy.

Belgium, on its way towards a circular economy (17 September 2020)
Belgium ranks among the top 10 largest contributors of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the leading global environmental authority. The UN organization wrote an article on how Belgium is committed to a truly circular economy. We present it here in its entirety.

12 tips for combatting climate change (10 September 2020)
The EU is demonstrating its climate ambitions with its Green Deal. But the Deal can only succeed if everyone takes part. That's why we're suggesting a few tips to help individual citizens do their bit.

What happens with your CO2 compensation? (7 September 2020)
What exactly happens with the money you pay to compensate your CO2 emissions? Here’s what research tells us. BIO, Enabel and the FPS Foreign Affairs are already making efforts to limit their CO2 emissions as much as possible and then compensate the remaining emissions.

Deforestation down to your daily shopping (28 August 2020)
Coffee, chocolate, beef, chocolate spread, biscuits, soap and furniture. Each of these items may be the cause of deforestation in their countries of origin. How can consumers prevent this “imported deforestation” as much as possible?

EU: Biodiversity deserves a boost (6 July 2020)
The European Commission has developed a bold EU biodiversity strategy, which is an integral part of its Green Deal. ‘Making nature healthy is key to our physical and mental well-being, and is an ally in the fight against climate disruption and disease outbreaks,’ said Commission chairman Ursula von der Leyen.

Tropical forests gradually store less carbon (5 March 2020)
Tropical forests are gradually losing their capacity to store carbon. If no timely action is taken, they could even start emitting carbon by 2035. This is demonstrated by a large-scale study in which the AfricaMuseum played a leading role.