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Photo of the Belgian consulate in Istanbul
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News about our consular services abroad.

When the administration bends over backwards to help its citizens (17 May 2022)
Some Belgians abroad have to travel hundreds or even thousands of kilometres to apply for a passport or identity card at a consulate. The solution? With a mobile kit, the consular staff can go to them.

Field status report from the Ukrainian border (27 April 2022)
Immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our posts in Bucharest, Warsaw and Vienna sent their personnel to the Ukrainian border to assist Belgian refugees. A field status report from Košice (Slovakia).

A more secure passport full of comic book heroes (11 February 2022)
The brand new Belgian passport is even more secure than the previous one. And best of all, it is illustrated throughout with comic book characters, from Lucky Luke, Nero and Tintin, to the Smurfs, Marsupilami and Spirou. But good to know: the price will not change!

Identity card for children under 12 years of age (Kids-ID) (17 November 2021)
Parents can request a Kids-ID for their Belgian children under 12 who live abroad and are registered at a consulate.

Identity card for Belgians residing abroad (12 October 2021)
Belgian embassies and professional consulates issue an electronic identity card (eID) to Belgians over the age of 12 who are registered with them.

Consulates, too, benefit from digital civil registry (23 July 2021)
For more than two years, our municipalities and consulates have been able to consult the Database of Civil Status Records (DABS). A convenience for the citizen and the civil servant alike.

e-Consul, the new e-portal for Belgians abroad (16 June 2021)
Thanks to e-Consul, you can handle part of the consular service provision digitally. No more need for long journeys.

Consular services abroad: an overview (21 April 2021)
You are a Belgian living or travelling abroad. What consular services can you turn to?

How many Belgians are living abroad? (22 March 2021)
Almost half a million Belgians live beyond our borders. At least, this is the number of registered Belgians that Foreign Affairs has sight of.