Sanctions in force in Belgium


Belgium, as a member state of both the UN and the EU, has the obligation of carrying out the several sanction systems in a correct way.

If both a UN and an EU system are in force, the EU system should be followed (which implements the UN-sanctions and can never be less rigid).

Belgium has always been of the opinion that sanctions can be a useful instrument in a European context. Belgium has also always insisted that restrictive measures should be flexible and transparent. This means that the EU must be able to react quickly to changes in the field (flexibility) and that the measures should be clear and reasoned (transparency). Moreover, Belgium calls for a balanced distribution of the burden of sanctions between itself and its European partners.

If you have not received an answer to your questions through the  below-mentioned contact, you can send an e-mail to: (only for technical questions on the practical implementation of the sanction systems in Belgium).

For more information:

  • Contact for the Belgian authorities in charge of the execution of the different types of sanctions 
  • Site of the FPS Finances which deals specifically with financial embargoes (where normally exemptions are possible)