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All evaluation reports of the Special Evaluation Office can be consulted and downloaded from 2005 onwards. External experts are used to carry out the evaluations.


Evaluation reports of the Special Evaluation Office - 2019
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Evaluation of the Belgian exit strategies of 6 countries from direct bilateral cooperation

This evaluation examines the withdrawal of the Belgian governmental cooperation from six partner countries: Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Vietnam and South Africa. Decisions were taken in 2015 for an effective exit in 2019.

The objectives were to analyse the relevance of the choice of exit countries, the implementation, the results and to draw lessons for future exit strategies.

Evaluation of the Belgian Fund for Food Security, the integration of the food security theme and the multi-actor approach within the Belgian Development Cooperation

The evaluation aimed at evaluating ongoing programs and the integration of food security into the Belgian Development Cooperation.

The Belgian Fund for Food Security was a financing instrument aimed at improving the food security of the most vulnerable population groups. This instrument was created in 2010 and was abolished in 2015, halfway through its term.