Notarial competence

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Are you involved in settlement of an estate or inheritance?

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The estate is the passing of the assets (property and debts) of a deceased person to one or more living persons.

The estate devolves in the deceased's place of residence.

Consular posts abroad do not provide information on local laws regarding the settlement of estates, nor do they act in the actual settlement of estates. 

The heirs and beneficiaries as well as the mandataries, such as lawyers and/or civil-law notaries, executors of wills, etc., whom they have appointed, should take the appropriate measures to defend their interests concerning inheritance, in Belgium or abroad.

The intervention of consular posts abroad is limited in this regard to:

  • sending a list of local lawyers and/or civil-law notaries, or a list of authorities that may be able to assist the Belgian heirs;
  • providing their services in order to smooth relations between heirs and local authorities when necessary.

Our services are unable to locate heirs abroad!

No address searches in the context of a search for heirs abroad are conducted at the request of private individuals (lawyers, civil-law notaries, bailiffs, etc.) or private institutions (banks, insurance companies, etc.).