Privileges and immunities (P1)

Directorate P1 ensures the management of relations between the Belgian State and the foreign diplomatic missions and international organisations represented in Belgium, related to their privileges and immunities.

Diplomatic and consular missions (P1.1)

The unit ensures the correct application of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations: status, (fiscal) privileges and legal immunities of diplomatic and consular staff and their family members, CD registration of cars, etc.
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P1.1 ensures the correct application of the provisions of the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations (Dutch - French) and Consular Relations (Dutch - French), specifically with regard to matters relating to status, (fiscal) privileges and jurisdictional immunities of diplomatic missions and consular posts,  their staff members and their family members.

This service is responsible for issuing various certificates, CD number plates and special identity cards to staff members working in the diplomatic or consular missions (except for private servants, officials on a mission, seconded national experts and military trainees who fall under the authority of the service P1.3) and their family members. This mission is based on the Vienna Conventions of 1961 and 1963 and the Royal Decree of 30 October 1991 concerning documents for the stay of certain categories of foreigners in Belgium.

Another core task of the service P1.1 is the monitoring, in close cooperation with the FPS Finance, of all fiscal privileges of the diplomatic and consular missions.