Visits and Events management (P2)

Directorate P2 is responsible for the organization of official visits and events.

VIP security during their visit

The Belgian authorities assess the security measures to be put in place for official visits. Escort and close protection services may be made available under certain conditions.
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When VIPs visit Belgium, the Belgian authorities take the necessary security measures provided that they have received all the information relating to the visit in due time.

All general information regarding the visit (even if incomplete or not definitive) must be sent to as soon as possible. Furthermore, at least 3 working days prior to visit, missions are asked to send the additional information required by a verbal note in order to respond to protection or escort service requests.

The Protocol Directorate is the first entry point for visits by senior officials and the organisation of their protection.

Within the limits of the available capacity and under certain conditions, escort and close protection services can be provided. This type of protection can be considered for Heads of State or Government in office. Except under exceptional circumstances related to the threat level to which the VIP is exposed, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and other officials will not benefit from protection or escort services.  

A maximum of 4 security guards may accompany the VIP. The application for a firearms licence must be sent to the Protocol of the FPS Foreign Affairs ( This also applies to the request for the use of radio frequencies.

In the event that an escort and/or protection service is granted, the VIP convoy cannot in principle exceed 5 vehicles. In all circumstances, protection applies exclusively to the VIP. The Mission will be responsible for the security and transport of other members of Government and officials.