Consular publications

Here you will find the sheet, the brochure and the pocket book on Reis Wijs, the brochure on the Schengen visa and the brochure on support for Belgian detainees abroad.

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Reis Wijs!

Reis Wijs has been updated again and is aimed at fellow countrymen and women who travel abroad, on holiday, for work or other reasons. 

In this guide, you will find useful information to go out into the world without taking too many risks! You will find tips on how to prepare for your trip and also advice for when you are faced with unpleasant surprises.

Support for Belgian detainees abroad

Arrest or imprisonment are traumatic experiences for anyone who is confronted with them.

It is often no easier for you and your family members if this happens outside our borders, in a country where you do not know the customs and judicial procedures, by a judge who does not speak your own language...

Just by being arrested in another country, you are fully subject to that country's legal and prison system; the same goes for foreigners arrested in Belgium.

You are not alone. But what assistance can Foreign Affairs and the Belgian embassies and consulates provide? And which services can you or your family members use if you are arrested or imprisoned abroad?