Opening times of the reception desk at the Protocol Directorate

The reception desk at the Protocol Directorate is open twice a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays (from 9 am to noon).

It is only possible to collect identity cards at the reception desk during opening hours. Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory.

Information regarding COVID-19 for foreign diplomatic missions and international organisations established in Belgium

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The Protocol Directorate plays a role of facilitator in the official relations between the foreign diplomatic representations established in Belgium on the one hand and the Belgian State on the other, ensuring the correct application of the Vienna Conventions on diplomatic and consular relations, as well as the 'headquarters agreements' between Belgium and the international organisations which are established or represented in our country.

The Directorate deals with a variety of issues concerning diplomatic privileges and immunities as well as other issues strictly relating to protocol matters and (ceremonial) events.

The Protocol is also responsible for receiving prominent foreign dignitaries and ensuring the safety of those guests and of the diplomatic missions. Moreover, the Directorate is in charge of the organisation of events in the Egmont Palace and the Conference Centre, and is also involved in the process of the granting and recognisation of nobility titles and honorary distinctions in the National Orders.