Wearing of decorations

In accordance with Article 16 of the law of 1 May 2006 on the conferral  of honorary distinctions in the National Orders, the decoration may be worn as soon as the King has signed the conferral decision.

The insignia of the Belgian National Orders take the form of small decorations (ornaments), ribbons, miniature jewels or rosettes.

The decorations are not worn on business suits and are largely restricted to special official ceremonies where they can worn with an uniform, morning dress or evening dress (“white tie and tails or black tie”)

The order in which Belgian decorations should be worn is determined by the hierarchical order of the classes in the Belgian National Orders.

Decorations other than those of the National Orders are worn after the Belgian National Orders, starting from the middle of the chest.

The Belgian Orders, including palms and medals, have priority, over foreign decorations (exceptions are possible for reasons of courtesy).

Explanations are provided in the book "De Belgische Nationale Orden" (The Belgian National Orders) by Commander Pat Van Hoorebeke.