P3: Organisation of events in the Egmont Palace and Conference Centre


The P3 Department is responsible for the logistical and technical management of events organised in the Egmont Palace and the Conference Centre. These cover both internal events (organised by the FPS Foreign Affairs itself) and external activities (organised by other FPSs or external organisations).

These events relate to the activities of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the various Directorates-general of the FPS Foreign Affairs, as well as those of the Minister of Development Cooperation and the State Secretary for Foreign Trade. They primarly consist of (bilateral) meetings with foreign Heads of State, Heads of Government and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, senior representatives of international organisations and representatives from economic, artistic and social circles, in addition to the presentation of honorary distinctions, official dinners and (inter)national conferences and workshops.

The 'Administrative service with accounting autonomy' (SACA) is responsible for the financial management of the CCegmont International Conference Centre, which can be rented by Belgian and international companies and organisations.

Given that the Egmont Palace is an official building of the Belgian State, it cannot be rented by foreign diplomatic missions. In principle, it also can not be used as a venue to organise private activities such as birthdays and weddings.

The revenue from the SACA allows the FPS Foreign Affairs to pay for certain expenses for the maintenance, renovation and technical modernisation of the Egmont Palace and to ensure the preservation of antique furniture and works of art in the building.

Contact: CCegmont@diplobel.fed.be