Diplomatic missions


Through its P1.1 unit, Protocol ensures the provisions laid down by the Vienna Convention of 18 April 1961 on Diplomatic Relations, primarily with regard to status, tax privileges and jurisdictional immunities, are applied to foreign diplomatic missions in Belgium and their staff.

In practice, the P1.1 Department is responsible for opening embassies, processing applications with a view to approving foreign ambassadors, and drafting letters of credence as well as letters to recall Belgian ambassadors abroad.

The Department’s numerous administrative duties include requesting various documents (legal letters, declarations, proof of financial support, permits granting access to airports) from the competent authorities, processing litigation requests, issuing Diplomatic Corps vehicle registration numbers and handing out special identity cards to diplomats, other members of the relevant mission and their family. The conditions under which the cards are issued are set out in the Vienna Convention of 1961 and specific royal decrees.