Legal disputes, the security of diplomatic missions, private servants, officals on a mission and seconded national experts, driving licences and honorary consuls (P1.3)


The service P1.3 is responsible for monitoring legal disputes involving diplomatic missions or international organisations (debts including traffic fines); the deliverance and follow-up of special identity cards for private servants of diplomatic representatives (i.e. the head of a diplomatic mission or consular post or the head of a recognised international organisation with diplomatic status) and for officials on a mission, seconded national experts and military trainees; (inter)national driving licences and the appointment of honorary consuls in Belgium.

P1.3 participates as an active actor in the Commission of Good Services (CBO), a body set up in 2013 to mediate disputes concerning the Belgian labour law and social security between the foreign diplomatic missions and their locally recruited staff members.

Moreover, the service is responsible for the external security aspects of the official buildings of the diplomatic missions, in joint cooperation with the other Belgian authorities involved, including the Crisis Centre of the FPS Home Affairs. P1.3 also plays an important role as facilitator and intermediary in contacts with the police and the public prosecutors and provides advice if foreign diplomats and their family members become victim of aggression or violence during their stay in Belgium.