Visits - Airport access

Visits, Receiving VIPS, Badges, VIP Protection, Parking, Overflights

 Protocol guide Visits and Airport Access (PDF, 373.27 KB)

Annexes - Forms:

Reservation, access to VIP lounges, VAT exemption

Brussels National (BAC)

  1.  Lounge reservation request (XLSX, 43.55 KB)
  2.  Access request BAC visitors (XLSX, 35.77 KB)
  3.  Route to Protocol BAC building (DOCX, 2.57 MB)


  1.  Reserving an Abelag/ExecuJet VIP lounge (DOCX, 23.28 KB)
  2.  Access to the Abelag/ExecuJet runway (DOCX, 24.21 KB)


  1.  Reserving a BRUMIL VIP lounge (DOC, 45 KB)
  2.  Runway access (DOC, 49.5 KB)
  3.  Parking Request (PPR) (PDF, 190.28 KB)
  4.  Request car parking (more than 24h) (DOC, 48.5 KB)

Aviapartner Executive

  1.  Reserving an Aviapartner Executive VIP lounge (DOCX, 23.27 KB)
  2.  Access to the Aviapartner Executive runway (DOCX, 23.86 KB)

Railway Station Brussels-Midi

  1.  Reserving the VIP lounge at Brussels-Midi (DOCX, 23.58 KB)

VAT exemption

  1.  Verbal note 17/12/2018 (PDF, 311.1 KB)

CD Parking

  1.  Request CD parking card (XLS, 45.5 KB)
  2.  Itinerary to CD parking BAC (DOCX, 2.06 MB)


  1.  Application for a license to carry weapons (DOCX, 24.86 KB)


  1.  Request for permanent badges Airside/Landside (XLS, 90.5 KB)
  2.  Security investigation form (for Airside badge requests) (PDF, 658.18 KB)
  3.  Reimbursement of deposit (DOCX, 594.74 KB)
  4.  Loss/theft of badges, reactivation, change of function (DOCX, 40.34 KB)

Overflight and landing requests

  1.  Overflight of civilian aircraft (DOC, 227 KB)
  2.  Overflight of military aircraft (DOC, 131 KB)