Overflight and landing permissions


If the senior official arrives in Belgium on a State flight (i.e. governmental), or a civil or military flight, diplomatic overflight and landing clearance must be requested.

These requests are not handled by the Protocol, but by the “International Transport Policy” Directorate (B4) of the FPS Foreign Affairs, which is responsible for all issues regarding transport entering our country, in conjunction with the embassies in Brussels. Requests must be submitted to this service at least three working days before the mission.

All requests must be submitted by verbal note and by e-mail to the mail address: B4@diplobel.fed.be. The forms for civil or military state flights and the flight plan must be attached to the verbal note.

The Protocol Directorate (Visits.protocol@diplobel.fed.be) must be copied on these requests.

In the event of an emergency and outside the hours of service, requests relating to overflight issues can be sent to the email address SCC@diplobel.fed.be.