Can I have my legalised foreign certificate transcribed to Belgium?


If you are Belgian, you can have a foreign registration document (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate) transcribed to Belgium after legalisation.

These certificates can be transferred to the Belgian civil status register held by your current municipality or the first municipality in which you live when you first return.

If you do not have a residence or accommodation in Belgium, you can have the certificate transferred to the civil status register in your last place of residence in Belgium or the place of residence of your relatives in the ascending line (father, mother, grandfather, grandmother), or to the register in the municipality where you were born or, in the last instance, in the city of Brussels.

You can always request copies of or excerpts from the certificates from the registrar in the municipality to which the certificate was transferred. You do not need to request the certificate from the foreign country and have it legalised again.