How to apply for a passport?


To apply for a passport, go to your municipality's passport service.

What should you bring with you?

1. Your identity card or any other document that proves your identity

2. Your last passport (if you had one and it was issued to you in the past 10 years):

  • It still contains valid visas or you want to keep it as a souvenir? Your municipality will be able to cancel it and return it to you.
  • It was stolen? Notify the police and provide the municipality's administrative services with a copy of the police report documenting the theft.
  • You lost it? Complete the  declaration of loss form (PDF, 182.47 KB) and give it to your municipality's administrative services.

3. A colour identity photo. Note that this photo must comply with a number of strict criteria. If it does not comply with one of these criteria, your municipality will refuse it and ask you to produce a new one.

What will happen when applying on site?

After verifying your identity, the quality of your photo and, if necessary, returning your previous passport, your municipality will record:

  1. Your photo (only if an initial visual check confirms that the basic criteria are met! If your photo does not comply, your municipality will have to refuse it.)
  2. The digital fingerprints of 2 fingers, in priority the index fingers (from age 12).
  3. Your signature (from age 6, as soon as the child knows how to write his name)

The passport is for a minor (under 18 years)?

The application form (printed by the municipality) for a minor must always be signed by the minor (from age 6) and by one of his parents. 

In some delicate situations, the municipality may ask for the other parent to also give his or her written agreement.

The child, regardless of age, must always be present when applying for a passport.