Price and time required


The  price of passports (PDF, 71.53 KB) issued by Belgian municipal administrative services vary according to:

  1. the number of pages (32 or 64 pages)
  2. the applicant's age (minor/adult)
  3. the application procedure (normal or emergency)
  4. any municipal taxes.

The price you pay for your passport includes:

  • a federal tax (unless the passport is for a child under 18 years)
  • production costs (which depend on the number of pages in the passport)
  • national postage costs, from the manufacturer to the municipal administration (which depend on the application procedure: normal or emergency)
  • any municipal taxes.

When and how will you receive your passport?

For normal procedures, your passport will arrive in the administration where you made your application within 5 working days following the application. If you communicated a mobile phone number or an e-mail address when applying, you will receive a SMS or an email at the exact moment your passport arrives.

For emergency procedures, a passport for which the manufacturer receives the application before 3 pm arrives the next working day. Further information from your municipal administrative service.

In principle, you must collect your passport in person. If you want another person to be able to collect your passport, you must provide him with a power of attorney. You can use the model provided by your municipality or  this document (DOCX, 37.81 KB).