Quality requirements for the photo


If you need a new passport, pay very close attention to your photo.

It must comply with ICAO Standards (International Civil Aviation Organization). These standards are stricter than in the past.

If your photo does not comply, your municipality will have to refuse it.

Four fundamental rules to bear in mind

Please bear the following in mind when you have your photo taken:

  1. A neutral facial expression: mouth shut, no smiling.
  2. Head and shoulders straight, right in front of the camera.
  3. Face totally uncovered: forehead, chin and the part towards the ears must be visible.
  4. The eyes are perfectly visible: no reflecting or tinted glasses, frames should not be too big but not too close to the eyeline either. To avoid any difficulties, if you wear glasses, you can remove them for your photo, even if you wear them daily.

To find out more and to see some examples, click  here (PDF, 2.65 MB).

The image below will allow you to check your photo (click on it to zoom in).

Qualité exigée pour votre photo