Data retention

Mandatory 3-month storage

When you apply for a passport, we must store your data for 3 months in our “passport production” database. Doing so enables us to:

  1. Produce your passport.
  2. Reproduce a new passport if you notice an administrative or production error on the return of your passport. This means that you will not have to return a 2nd time to provide new data. 

Optional 7-year storage

Solely upon your request, we can store your data for 7 years.

This means that in certain well-defined cases we can produce a duplicate of your passport, without you having to return and provide new data at your post:

Situation Validity dates of the new passport Cost of a new passport
Administrative or production error The same as those for a passport with a mistake or a lost/stolen passport Free
Loss or theft Cost of a new passport (€79 adult, €35 child)

Passport lost or stolen, or with a mistake or defect?

Contact the consular post where you were registered on encountering the problem.

They will inform you of what needs to be done, depending on your situation.  

For further information on the processing of your data by our FPS, you can consult our  privacy policy (PDF, 214.06 KB).

 Form right of access to my personal data (PDF, 201.18 KB)