Why do I have to go to the embassy or the consular mission when there is an honorary consulate near me?

Our aim is to issue passports that are recognised by all third countries and enable you to travel easily. In this respect, having passports issued exclusively by embassies and consular missions is the best option. Belgium - like many other European countries - has therefore decided to not equip its honorary consulates for the capture of biometric data.

We have 3 children between the ages of 2 and 10 who do not need to give their fingerprints and we live 500 km from the consulate. Do we really have to take them with us for the application?

Only children aged 6 or over have to be present when their passport application is submitted. Children under 12 do not need to have their fingerprints taken but, from the age of 6, they must have their photograph taken on site and sign their passports. Their presence is therefore necessary. However, you should consult the Other possibilities section and pay attention to communications from your embassy or consulate.

The passport I have does not contain digital fingerprints but is still valid. Can I continue to use it?

Absolutely. It will be valid without restrictions until the expiry date indicated on it.

Where will my biometric data be stored?

All your data will be stored on your passport's chip which is found in the back cover of your passport.

When you apply for a passport, we also store your data for 3 months. This enables us to produce your passport, but also prevents you having to return to your post if we discover a mistake in your passport once it is produced. After 3 months, your data is destroyed.

At your request, we can however store your data for 7 years. In the event of an administrative error, a production mistake, loss or theft, we can then produce a duplicate of your passport (which will be valid for the same dates as your original passport) without you having to return to your consular post. For more information, see the Data storage section.

I have requested that my data be stored for 7 years. Can you use it when my current passport expires and I need a new one?

No, European regulation does not allow this. So you will have to return to provide new data for every new passport application.

We can only use this saved data to produce a duplicate of your passport in the event of an administrative error, a production mistake, loss or theft. This duplicate will be valid for the same dates as your original passport.

I've had my passport stolen. I had requested that my data be stored for 7 years and I would like to use this data for a duplicate passport. Why do I have to pay full price for a new passport when there are only 2 years remaining on the original one?

Because the administrative and production costs are the same for every passport, whether it is a new 7-year passport (5 years for minors) or a duplicate valid for a shorter period.

Unlike many countries, we allow citizens to request that their biometric data be saved for 7 years. This is a unique service offered by Belgium, without which a citizen with a lost or stolen passport would have to return to their consular post to apply and pay for a new passport, even if the lost/stolen passport was still valid for several more years. With our system, the citizen can choose the option that best suits him depending on the remaining period of validity and the inconvenience of making another visit to his post. If there are still 4 years remaining on the passport, it will probably be cheaper to request a duplicate at the full price than go to the consular post again for a new 7-year passport (5 years for minors).

I pre-registered my data, but I have lost the request form that I was given. How can I apply for a passport using my pre-registered data?

In this case, complete our assistance form and return it to the consular post where you are currently registered.