Other possibilities


This page contains general information from FPS Foreign Affairs. If you reside abroad, verify in this list if your embassy or consulate publishes information specific to your place of residence on its website.


At FPS Foreign Affairs, just as at our diplomatic and consular posts, we are extremely aware of the difficulties caused to those of you living abroad by asking you to apply for your passport in person. Unfortunately, this is the price that must be paid so that we can provide a passport that is safer than ever and meets European requirements. 

Within the limits of the legal and technical resources at our disposal, we do however offer a number of alternatives.

1. Submit your passport at a place of your choice

Adults and children over the age of 6 must go to a consular post in person to provide their signature, their photograph (from age 6) and their digital fingerprints (from age 12).

If you are registered with a consular post, you must submit your application to several places:

  • At the consular post where you are registered
  • At any other Belgian consular post (city where you work, when on holiday, etc.)
  • At a municipal administration in Belgium:
    • last municipality where you were registered in Belgium;
    • or municipality where you were born (if you have never resided in Belgium);
    • or municipality of your choice (if you have never resided and were not born in Belgium).
  • By visiting a consulate in your region that has a "mobile kit". Some  consular posts (PDF, 72.91 KB) have mobile biometric equipment and periodically organise visits to areas that are a long way from the consular post and where many Belgians reside. These visits are announced well in advance on their website, in their newsletters or by email. 

Since 1 January 2018, all Belgian consular posts and municipal administrative services use the same passport application programme. Therefore, you no longer have to request prior approval at your registration post in order to submit your application at another post or at a municipal administrative service.
After checking your application in the programme, your registration post will give its approval by computer for your passport to be produced. It will contact you in the event of a problem with your application. Therefore, the delivery period will start the moment your post confirms your application.

It is the post or the municipality where you submitted your passport application that will issue your passport once manufactured.

2. Provide your biometric data before you need a new passport

If you are visiting the city where your consular post is based for work or a holiday or a city with another Belgian consular post and want to use this opportunity to provide your biometric data, even though you do not need a passport immediately, you can "pre-register":

1. Print, complete and send your pre-registration request with a recent passport photograph to the post where you are registered.

2. Wait for your registration to be approved before making an appointment to pre-register your data free of charge at the post of your choice:

  • your signature (from age 5)
  • your photograph (from age 5)
  • digital fingerprints of 2 of your fingers (from age 11).

3. You will then have 1 year to send your passport application ( French (PDF, 136.44 KB) /  Dutch (PDF, 128.67 KB) /  German (PDF, 141.86 KB)) by letter to the consular post where you are registered. You pay for this passport when you actually submit your passport application (normal passport price, no surcharge for using pre-registered data).

Pre-registration is not possible in Belgium.