Price and time required


This page contains general information from FPS Foreign Affairs. If you reside abroad, verify in this list if your embassy or consulate publishes information specific to your place of residence on its website.


You must pay for your passport in local currency of the consular post where you submitted your application. Therefore, it is only there that you will be able to obtain the exact price in this local currency (which depends on the exchange rate).

Passports issued by our embassies and consulates are always the same  price in euros (PDF, 71.53 KB), regardless of the local currency. This price various according to:

  1. the number of pages (32 or 64 pages)
  2. the applicant's age (minor/adult)

This price includes:

  • a federal tax (unless the passport is for a child under 18 years),
  • production costs (which depend on the number of pages in the passport)
  • international postage rates from the manufacturer to the embassy or consulate.

When and how will you receive your passport?

Your passport will arrive at the consular post where you submitted your application within 10 working days.

If you requested it when submitting your application, the consular post will be able to send it to you by post. This delivery will be under your own responsibility and at your own expense.

Of course, you can collect your passport in person or give power of attorney to another person. You can use the model provided by your consular post or  this document (DOCX, 37.81 KB).

For further information, contact the post where you submitted your application.