Defective passport or technical problems arising in the course of the passport application


We strive to ensure that you receive a passport as well as a high quality service.

In spite of all the precautions we are taking, the risk of unforeseen circumstances including potential negative consequences for you, cannot be ruled out.

Therefore, we have introduced 2 compensation procedures:

1. Defective passport: in your opinion, does your passport show a production defect? Do you wish to have it replaced? Have you suffered damages due to this production defect? Click here for further information.

2. Technical or administrative problems arising in the course of the passport application: Were you, due to the material being defective, unable to have your passport application registered when visiting your passport administration? Did you have your details registered and were you invited by your administration to return because your details had been lost? Did this problem cause you to suffer damages?

a. You lodged your application with a Belgian municipality: please, visit the pages in French or in Dutch of this website for further information.
b. You lodged your application with a permanent diplomatic mission or consular post abroad:  Click here (PDF, 29.91 KB) for further information