This page contains general information posted by the FPS Foreign Affairs. If you are residing abroad, please verify in this list whether your embassy or consulate has posted specific information for your place of residence on its website.

Please note that passport applications must be submitted to the relevant municipal administration, provincial administration or embassy or consulate.

a) A Belgian identity card or any document which is proof of identity

b) The previous passport or a certificate stating that the passport was lost or stolen

If an applicant is unable to provide the previous passport because it was lost or stolen, he or she must provide a certificate evidencing the loss or a police report documenting the theft. These documents must be drawn up by the police services of the location where the loss or theft occurred or of the applicant’s place of residence. Since late 2008, Belgian citizens have been able to declare a lost or stolen passport themselves without going through the police by contacting docstop on + 32 (0) 2 518 2123.

Children under 18 years of age

Passport applications for minors must always be signed by the minor (from the moment he or she can write, so from around six years of age) as well as by one of the parents.
The municipal or provincial administration, or the embassy or consulate, may also require the other parent to provide consent.